Easy Like Sunday Selfie - (Our) Gracie

It's Sunday, which means we're hopping along in the Sunday Selfies Blog Hop, hosted by our beloved pals at the Cat on My Head. Anyhow ... when we asked for a volunteer selfie model, guess who stepped up? It's our beautiful former PAWS kitty, Gracie. Her snuggling, sunpuddle surfing and easy skills are already the stuff of legend, but as you can see, our senior housepanther ladycat can also still rock a selfie when the mood strikes.

Gracie (who lost her littermate, Zoe, in September) is doing well these days. She and her little sister Ava (who was specially chosen by our sweet Angel Zoe) are settling in to a really nice groove. They're still not best buddies, but are getting along just fine.😸



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