Sunday Selfie with Our New Kid Ava!

As many of you know, our beloved Zoe made her journey to the Rainbow Bridge this past September. We were all devastated by her loss - especially her sister and littermate, Gracie - but we knew Zoe and our other angels would be watching over us. We also knew that when the time was right, Zoe would bring another kitty into our lives. Well, guess what? It's happened. And she chose another housepanther! Without further ado, here's the newest member of our family (and Gracie's new sister), Ava!

Ava (formerly known as Theta) was first adopted from PAWS as a kitten. Sadly, the family who adopted her had a dog, of whom Ava was terrified. From what we know, she hid in the attic for 9 months, and then the people caught her and brought her back to the shelter. Even with her sweet and gentle nature intact, Ava was (understandably) pretty skittish and shy when she came back. Of course, that meant she wasn't exactly "showing well" to potential adopters. But as we got to know Ava again, we started thinking (thanks, Angel Zoe!) that maybe, just maybe, she would fit into our family, and be a great little sister for Gracie. And after one month with her here as a foster kitty, we knew in our hearts that this is where she belongs. As you can see from the photos, she's gaining in confidence with each passing day. She loves lap time, playing, looking out the windows, laying in sunpuddles and running all over the house. She and sister Gracie aren't curling up together (yet), but they have touched noses, played and been super respectful of each other. 😸

Welcome to your real forever home, Baby Ava. We love you!

Dad Kevin, Mom Tracey and Sister Gracie

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