Sad News from PAWS-ville

It's a sad, sad night at PAWS. Tonight, a dark cloud descended upon this place that is so often a beacon of hope and happily ever afters, as we said goodbye to Rasputin, a cat who was truly everybody's buddy. Though his time here on Earth was brief (he was just 1 1/2 years old), he had a magical spirit that touched the lives of all who met him. He instantly captured the hearts of the staff and volunteers, and we will love and miss our little "Pootie" forever. 

Found as a stray, Rasputin had some special needs (the very ones that would eventually lead to his passing) that would have required a very special forever home. But if his issues bothered him, he never, ever let on. Rasputin's spirit was loving and full of life. He loved to be held, play (he was FAST!), and was a world-class snuggler. And he was adored by all of us human aunties and uncles.

As the saying goes, "home is where the heart is." Rasputin didn't find that elusive forever home, but he loved his people, and was loved so deeply in return, that perhaps he was already home. Fly free, sweet Rasputin. Until we meet again.


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