Our Housepanthers Gracie and Ava!

Check out what we won in a drawing held by our beloved pals at Cat Chat with Caren and Cody! It's a Mega Milk Carton from Cat in the Box! Cute, isn't it? Thank you, Caren and Cody! Here are a couple of snaps of Gracie and Ava giving it a try.
Ava went in briefly, but seems to prefer being next to the milk carton.
Gracie prefers her milk in a more horizontal orientation. 😺

Speaking of our housepanthers, some of you have asked how our senior ladycat Gracie and her young sister Ava are getting along these days. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and Tracey recently took this one.

Yes, Ava was watching a bird and squirrel video on her Kindle. Gracie appears to have joined her.

Gracie and Ava get along well, but usually do their own thing. This is the first time we've seen them cuddling together. 💖

Happy Wednesday, everybuddy!


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