A Home for Every Cat #RememberMeThursday

Thursday, September 27, is Remember Me Thursday, a special international event that shines a light on orphan pets, and the beauty and life-saving importance of pet adoption. To mark this special awareness day, we're sharing about something wonderful that happened on Sunday.

Patch, in February 2016
We like to think there's the right home for every cat that comes through the doors of PAWS. Sometimes, it takes a long time to find that home, but we all believe it's out there, somewhere. 

Some shelter cats get adopted quickly. These are most often the young, friendly and outgoing cats who deal well with being in new and unfamiliar places. But there are also cats who are older, or ones who are shy, scared and/or less outgoing with strangers. They may be wonderful, and love the humans with whom they are familiar (shelter staff and volunteers), but these kitties often don't show well and tend to get passed over time and again by potential adopters.

Young Patch, in early 2011
One such cat was volunteer favorite Patch, who first came to PAWS on May 28, 2010, when his human mom passed away. At that time, we wrote that, "The woman’s widower said, “…he didn’t want Patch and his mother around ‘because they were a reminder of his late wife.’" And if that wasn’t bad enough, whoever put Patch into the carrier to be brought to PAWS did so with such force that his back claws were torn. It’s no wonder that Patch was terrified of people when we first met him." (You can read one of our first posts about Patch here.)
Patch, from December 2015
With love and patient persistence from his volunteer friends, Patch learned that some humans were sources of good things. But after 8 1/3 years of watching other cats come and go, would he ever find his happily ever after? We're happy to report that the answer is YES. This past Sunday, Patch was adopted! And there wasn't a dry eye in the house. He is going to a home with experienced cat parents, who have promised to send us lots of photos and updates. He will be joining a senior gal kitty in the home as a companion. We know Patch will flourish with his mom and dad's love and a regular routine.

Patch and his new family, on September 23, 2018
 We are over the moon that Patch and his new parents made that special forever love connection. He's certainly one of the lucky ones. But every day, thousands of cats and dogs aren’t so fortunate. Through no fault of their own, they end up in shelters that are not able to give them the time they need to adjust, and many die while waiting for their forever homes. Please consider rescuing your next pet instead of shopping for one. You'll be saving that pet's life - and the life of the next one that can now be taken in by the shelter!

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