Dona Nobis Pacem *

L to R: Muffin, Mr. Black Cat, Christina, Gerdy, Ginger, Tigger, Charlotte, Cuddles and Bill
As we do every November 4, we're participating today in the annual "BlogBlast for Peace." Started by Mimi Lenox in 2006, this movement has grown to include thousands of bloggers in hundreds of countries - and countless other folks on various forms of social media - all taking the day to spread messages of love, hope and peace. It's such an important message, especially in these times of tumult and upheaval.

This year, our peace globe features some of our amazing, adoptable cat friends from PAWS. Our wish for them is the one we have for all beings, everywhere: lives and homes that are abundantly full of peace and love. (*Dona Nobis Pacem is Latin for "Grant us peace.")

Wishing, hoping, purring and praying, 

Kevin, Tracey, Gracie and Ava

We're hopping along in the Sunday Selfies Blog Hop (hosted by our awesome buddies at the Cat on My Head). Be sure to check out their blog to join in the fun! 


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